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How to say hello in English?

say hello in English

How to say hello in English? Different ways of saying «hello»

Each language has different greetings that become representative. In fact, the form of greeting can be determined by the age of the person and other social factors. That’s why there are those who ask how to say hello in English? This article shows different ways of saying «hello», depending on the occasion.

Generic greetings

They are the greetings that can be used in any circumstance. They are considered the most basic and are shown below:

– Hello: Hello

– How are you ?: How are you? Or how are you?

– How are ypu doing ?: Means «how are you doing?»

Formal greetings

They are treatment formulas that apply to elderly people with respect to the age of the individual giving the greeting. It is also an example of education that this type of greeting is done with colleagues, and especially with the bosses. Among the formal greetings stand out:

– Hello, how is everything ?: Hello, how is everything?

– It’s always a pleasure to see you: I’m always glad to see you.

– How long has it been ?: How much time has passed?

These greetings show respect and affection to the person who receives them, allowing a better response from the interlocutor.

Informal greetings

They are used with trusted friends, family members and other people who belong to the same age range as the greeting. Among the informal greetings, the following are mentioned below:

– What’s up ?: Expression that means «What’s wrong?» or «What’s up?»

– Hey, good to see you: «Hello» or «Hey, I’m glad to see you»

– Where have you been hiding ?: «Where were you hiding?»

Some final reminders: The projection of security and serenity in bearing can be definitive in a job interview and even to establish social relationships. That is why the constant practice of the terms is necessary so that they are never forgotten.

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